Your Utility Company

Updated 10.08.13

Your utility companies will often have commercial rebates and other cost-savings methods for energy efficiency and solar retrofits. Go to your utilities website and/or call the phone number listed on your bill. Here are some resources to particular utility companies:

NOTE: Small Business Direct Install program for Los Angeles Department of Water & Power congregations is open at this time (February 10, 2014.) Your house of worship must be in LADWP territory, and be in the A1 customer rating, using less than 30 kilowatts per month. Check here for more information and how to register.

In PG&E Territory:
Rebates: for money back on things like lighting and Energy Star appliances:

Household energy reduction and bill assistance:
CARE program: provides a montly discount on energy bills for income-qualified households and housing facilities:
Energy Savings Assistance Program: provides renters and homeowners with easy, free solutions to help manage their energy use and save money on their monthly energy bills: