“Cool Congregations” and Energy Efficiency


Check out Interfaith Power & Light’s  Cool Congregations page for excellent resources that your congregation will nefit from. Read through this whole website. You will find especially nifty resources like:

**Congregational Carbon Calculator to measure your baseline energy use. Measure your energy usage before and after you implement energy-efficiency and conservation techniques to get a good idea of how much energy you have save. There’s even a carbon calculator for residences!
**Start-Up Kit for Congregations to get you on the way, or to inform your already-existing sustainable path. This kit includes the valuable $25 Steps Under $25.

Energy audits:

Thinking about doing an audit on your congregation in preparation for energy efficiency retrofits and/or solar energy? You have several options: check with your local utility company to see if they provide audits (just call the number listed on your utility bill;) hire a professional auditor; or conduct a do-it-yourself audit. The latter is especially effective if you have an energy professional in your congregation. Please note that, depending on where you are located in the country, energy usage can vary depending on the time of season and weather patterns in your locale.

Do-It-Yourself Audit Forms:
Cool Congregations/IPL Self-Audit
Kansas Interfaith Power & Light Self-Audit



Shop IPL is an on-line store dedicated to energy-efficiency products for congregations. CIPL member congregations can shop online for discounts on lightbulbs and other Energy Saving appliances. Please visit Interfaith Power and Light’s ShopIPL site to order and don’t forget to call us for your membership discount code!