Public Policy

One of the aims of California Interfaith Power and Light is to educate our member congregations and individuals on pressing legislation and initiatives before federal and state governments. Here are a few of the policies we are currently working on:

SB 32
SB 32 will set an enforceable limit on climate pollution that continues the reductions required by California’s landmark AB 32 of 2006. It will require a greenhouse gas emission level of 80 percent below the 1990 level by 2050. Tell your assembly member to support SB 32.

SB 350
Senate Bill 350, now in the Assembly, will put us on the path to freedom from fossil fuels. It embodies Governor Brown’s “50/50/50” pledge: to increase California’s renewable energy use by 50%, increase building energy efficiency by 50%, and decrease petroleum use by 50%, all by 2030. Tell your assembly member to support these goals.

Interfaith Power & Light’s Policy on Clean Energy Issues:  California Interfaith Power & Light, as part of the IPL national network, holds certain positions on specific issues, such as nuclear energy, coal and energy efficiency. Click here to read about IPL’s Clean Energy Agenda and more.