News of Interest

Updated 06.14.14

Atmospheric CO2 Crosses “Ominous Threshold” – 06.14.14, TruthOut, a discussion of whether humanity has already crossed the point of no return in terms of atmospheric CO2 concentration.

How El Nino Might Alter the Political Climate – 05.20.14, New York Times, a predicted El Nino in fall of 2014 may be influential in the politics of climate change.

Billionaire sets up fund for victims of climate change – 06.05.14
Tom Steyer, the leading financial underwriter of campaigns to combat climate change, says he is putting up $2 million to start a fund for victims of wildfires and other “extreme weather events.”

Global warming worries California voters, poll finds – 02.25.13, Sacramento Bee, new survey shows voters dissatisfaction with federal inaction on climate change, and on-going support for AB 32

Secrets of the Rich – 02.18.13, George Monbiot, George’s latest thinking on the discovery that some billionaires are behind the funding of climate change denial

Carbon Fee & Dividend Bill Introduced to Battle ‘Planetary Emergency’ of Climate Change – 02.14.13, Common Dreams, introduction of Boxer/Sanders bill with links to actual texts of bills

Vast Oil Reserve May Now Be Within  Reach, and Battle Heats Up – 02.03.13, New York Times, overview of potential exploitation of California’s Monterey Shale crude

Earth: The Operator’s Manual – series on PBS outlines science of climate change from a personal point of view and need for action

Earth Goes to Extremes – as reported in The Green Word – Discover Magazine Jan-Feb 2013, overview of highlights of 2012 extreme weather events

Exit of EPA boss a protest – 01.02.13, New York Post, article covering Lisa Jackson’s departure from the federal EPA with possible link to impending approval of Keystone XL Pipeline by President Obama

Proposition 37: In some circles, GMO stands for ‘God Moves Over’ – 10.06.12 – San Jose Mercury News, outlines the faith point of view on genetically engineered foods

Climate Change Is Bad News for California Children with Asthma – 10.05.12 – Scientific American, pinpoints the intersection between climate change and deleterious regional health effects

A call to end clean energy’s politicization – 09.27.12 – opinion piece

Climate change is already damaging global economy, report finds – 09.25.12 – The Guardian, includes findings that climate change is already contributing to nearly 400,000 deaths a year, and costing world more than $1.2 trillion. Report put out by the DARA Group; see launch of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor here.

7 Chinese pilot programs make final preparations for emissions trading – 09.24.12 – E&E Publishing

House GOP: Senate airline emissions ban passage a ‘positive sign’ – 09.24.12 – Congress’ action on making the U.S. exempt from European emissions reductions related to the airline industry

The basics of air travel and climate change – David Suzuki Foundation – comparing various forms of transportation in terms of carbon emissions

The Potential Impact of Global Warming on the 2012 Presidential Elections – 09.24.12 – Yale Project on Climate Change Communication; see overview here, download report here.

Climate Change Causes Extreme Weather Says NASA Scientist Hansen – 08.06.12 – Forex, contains heat map from 1880-2012; video interview with Jim Hansen on PBS News Hour here; NASA report here

Climate change is here – and worse than we thought – 08.03.12 – Washington Post, Dr. James Hansen

Democracy Now with Dr. Richard Muller and Bill McKibben – 08.02.12 – Democracy Now, interview starts at minute 30:20

Our Changing Climate 2012 – 07.31.12 – report released by California Natural Resources Agency and California Energy Commission, video from CalEMATV

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic – 07.28.12 – New York Times Op-Ed by Dr. Richard Muller

Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says – 07.26.12 – New York Times

Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling – 07.25.12 – New York Times

Sudden ice melt seen on 97% of Greenland, – 07.25.12 – OCRegister Science, Click here to see video

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – 07.19.12 – Rolling Stone. Article by Bill McKibben

Record Heat Wave Pushes U.S. Belief In Climate Change to 70% – 07.18.12 – Bloomberg

Global Warming’s Six Americas in March 2012 and November 2011 – 07.18.12 – Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Update on report originally conducted in 2008 outlining the six different segments of the American public in terms of climate change

Massive Iceberg ‘Twice the Size of Manhattan’ Breaks Off Greenland – 07.17.12 – Common Dreams

Charts: Gen Xers Say “Meh” to Climate Change – 07.17.12 – Mother Jones

Climate Change-Driven Drought Causes Major Crop Losses – 07.16.12 – E-Environment Magazine

Is global warming to blame for record heat? – 07.07.12 – Detroit Free Press

Hotspot of accelerated sea-level rise on the Atlantic coast of North America – 06.24.12 – Nature Climate Change; article at Study: East Coast Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Global Average

UCLA Study, L.A. Regional Temperature Projections – 06.21.12. Summary of Findings includes projection of extremely hot days in Central L.A. tripling by 2050

Cap-and-trade plan upheld by Calif. court – 06.20.12 – San Francisco Gate

Cold comfort: Arctic riches unlocked by global warming will not begin to make up for the costs of climate change – 06.16.12 – The Economist, includes a short video on melting Arctic ice and possible new shipping routes

On the Rise: The Melting Arctic – 06.15.12 – The Economist, a video

Climate Change is Simple – 06.12.12 – TEDx Conference at The Evergreen State College – David Roberts, Grist journalist, gives an excellent overview of climate change science

Southern Calif. Energy Hub Eyed for Clues to U.S. Green Economy – 06.22.11 – New York Times – centers on successful San Diego-based companies leading the nation in the clean energy future

Climate of Denial: Can Science and the Truth Withstand the Merchants of Poison? – 06.22.11 – Rolling Stone – by Al Gore

NOAA: Second Hottest May On Record Globally, Hottest For Northern Hemisphere – 06.14.12 – Think Progress

Protecting Many Species to Help Our Own – 06.01.12 – New York Times

Hundreds march outside Koch brothers’ retreat” – 01.31.11 – L.A. Times – covers protest over Koch brothers’ financing anti-environmental legislation

Republicans launch all-out assault on Obama’s climate strategy” – 02.01.11 – businessGreen – overview of legislation introduced into the Senate that aims to strip the federal EPA of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases

Egyptian and Tunisian riots were driven in part by the spike in global food prices” – 01.30.11 – draws a connection between climate change-driven food availability insecurity as part of recent unrest – Climate Progress

Polar bear’s long swim illustrates ice melt” – 01.29.11 – story of documented nine-day swim by a polar bear in search of ice, and battle over protection of polar bears – L.A. Times

Cold Jumps Arctic ‘Fence,’ Stoking Winter’s Fury” – 01.24.11 – covers two-year experience of warmer winters in Canada and the Arctic and very cold winters in the U.S. – N.Y. Times

It’s Getting Hot Out There: Top 10 Places to Save for Endangered Species in a Warming World” – a new report by Audubon, Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council and others, regarding the 10 most nationally threatened ecosystems, two of which are in California.

Drought spurs life-or-death struggles in Kilimanjaro’s shadow” – Greenwire – four part story shows effects of worsening African drought on animal kingdom.

Climate Groups Retool Argument For Global Warming” – 12.05.10 – NRP Article and listen to the story. In light of fewer Americans “believing” in global warming, climate activists change approach of education.

From California, a Game Plan on Climate Change” – 11.22.10 – New York Times. Overview of a plan by Pacific Council on International Policy.

PNC Bank will no longer fund mountain top removal” – 11.11.10 – Climate Progress website. PNC is seventh bank to take position on this destructive practice.

After a Strong Counterattack, Big Coal Makes a Comeback” – 11.09.10 – Environment 360. Article outlines major talking points and issues of and with Big Coal industry.

Biden rolls out home energy efficiency program” – 11.09.10 – McClatchy website. Information on household energy efficiency program, Recovery Through Retrofit.

Prop 23 battle marks new era in environmental politics” – 11.04.10 – L.A. Times. Article outlining the bipartisan nature of the battle against the oil industry.

Solar Power: Let the Sun Shine In” – 07.09.09 – National Catholic Reporter. Covers the involvement of the San Jose Catholic Diocese in energy issues.