EPA Announces Safeguards to Cut Pollution from Power Plants

Updated 06.05.14

On Monday, June 2, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new safeguards for existing power plants that will reduce air pollution by 30% by 2030. Not only will these safeguards create a dynamic move toward clean energy and job creation, they will save lives and reduce health risks to those suffering from heart disease and respiratory ailments such as asthma. These safeguards come on the heals of formulating regulations for new power plants as well. The faith community, along with public health, policy, environmental justice and labor organizations, submitted millions of comments to the White House and EPA, urging them to develop such protocols.

The Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, President and Founder of Interfaith Power & Light, has applauded the release of these safeguards, saying, “…this landmark action comes at a pivotal time when more people than ever have recognized the threat to their health and safety from unregulated pollution. As people of faith called to care for God’s people and Creation, especially the most vulnerable, we have a moral obligation to address the profound impacts of the way we use energy.”

For Rev. Bingham’s full statement and to learn more, click here.