Action Alert: Speak Out for Clean Energy and Jobs in Highly-Impacted Communities

Updated 08.09.12

Action alert for AB 1990

AB 1990 (Fong) is a strong bill that has bi-partisan support, AB 1990 would aim to build 375 MW of local, clean renewable energy in highly-impacted communities, reducing the need for polluting power plants in these neighborhoods. Second, it would provide the opportunity for building owners to be energy producers through a Feed-in-Tariff, which requires utilities to offer long-term, standard-price contracts to renewable energy producers. Lastly, AB 1990 would create local employment opportunities to high-unemployment areas facing economic challenges. This bill has already cleared the Assembly and will come to a floor vote late July or early August. Click here to send a letter urging your Senator to vote YES on AB 1990.

Bill status as of 08.09.12 – AB 1990 is currently in Senate Appropriations Suspense File, before adoption of state budget.