2011-12 CIPL Emissions Report – Hot Off the Press!

Did you know…since 2002, CIPL member congregations have prevented over 116,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere? Check out our newly-released 2011-12 CIPL Emissions Report and learn more about  outstanding examples of congregational energy efficiency, renewable energy, education and advocacy.

CIPL’s Annual Emissions Reports are unique – it is the only such report to quantify the emissions reductions from the California faith community. Plus, the emissions reductions are based only upon congregations that respond to our survey. So, it’s safe to say that the California faith community is responsible for a whole lot more emissions reductions and actions than is quantified in our reports. Each annual report is also important because we share it with our CIPL network, potential members, funders, and state and federal legislators. The good work of our California faith partners is spread far and wide.

Congrats to ALL CIPL members who are active in caring for God’s creation!